Another Handmaid’s Tale  2-3pm Saturday 28 October

Workshop at the Anarchist Bookfair  All Welcome

Room LG6, Learning Centre, Park View School, West Green Road London N15 3QR

In poor working class communities 45% of children are reported to social services. Poverty is used to allege ‘neglect’, mothers are treated as surrogates for fostering and adoption without consent, inflicting lifelong trauma on thousands of children. Single mothers are most at risk, especially if they report rape or domestic violence, are of colour, have a disability… A growing movement is breaking the silence and picketing secretive family courts, demanding support not separation.


Cristel Amiss, Black Women’s Rape Action Project

Michael Coleman, Payday men’s network

Selma James, Global Women’s Strike,

Kim Sparrow, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence

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