Legal Action for Women

Crossroads Women’s Centre

25 Wolsey Mews

Kentish Town

London, NW5 2DX

020 7482 2496

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  1. I am a single parent to four children .My 18 year old has ASD . I asked for more help in school and now without following processes charter guidelines or good practise I’m being put through fabricated illness case. I’ve had to get a solicitor and pay for an advocate. The bullying and threatening behaviour has been awful my son tried to kill himself. I’m somerset . Please try and make more aware this is like living in Victorian times. They’ll be locking us up next .

  2. sent in earlier message
  3. Liz Wright

    I was at the protest yesterday.
    It seems to me that the World at One program (Not heard all of it, but heard the father and mother) has lifted the lid of secrecy a bit – unfounded allegations, trivial reasons for removal such as toys on bedroom floor a tripping hazard, children not clean after supper/before bath, leading to piling on the pressure with unachievable goals.
    Without saying there may not be more serious reasons, could we campaign (start an online petition for example) that such reasons as these two mentioned publicly on World at One should never be included in a SS report? A lot of people would be horrified to know that they are.

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