1. Up from Destitution: Women and children escaping persecution, war and ecological devastation have a right to asylum and support.

In 2021, Global Women Against Deportations, a coalition which LAW is part of, published research on the destitution suffered by women asylum seekers and refugees. The survey found that 48% of women had no income at all and that 60% were classified as “destitute” – that is a single adult living on less than £70 a week. The research includes a set of comprehensive recommendations to address the hardship, homelessness, exploitation and abuse that results from government imposed destitution.

Download the PDF here.

2. Stop the Rwanda Deportation flights: Scrap the borders act.

Legal Action for Women is part of Global Women Against Deportations, (GWAD) along with the All African Women’s Group, an organisation of women asylum seekers & refugees, Women Against Rape and Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike.  GWAD has spearheaded campaigns against the Nationality and Borders Act and more recently the Rwanda Plan under which people will be denied the right to claim asylum and protection in the UK and transported to Rwanda.

Download the PDF here.

3. Suffer the little children & their mothers: A dossier on the unjust separation of children from their mothers.

This Dossier aims to describe, quantify and publicise the traumatic and discriminatory treatment of children, mothers and grandmothers by the state and the institutions who are in charge of child protection. In this way the Dossier can become one instrument to overturn the policies and practices responsible for this tragedy. We also hope to encourage professionals who have misgivings or even profoundly disagree with the system they are involved in to speak out individually and collectively, and to support mothers (and other primary carers) and those like us who campaign with them. Written and compiled by Anne Neale & Nina Lopez for Legal Action for Women

Download the dossier here.

4. For Asylum Seekers and their Supporters: A self help guide against deportation and detention.

This accessible step-by-step guide puts together information that is not usually available so that anyone determined to get protection and justice can find out how to do it.

Download guide here