SUFFER the little CHILDREN & their MOTHERS A dossier on the unjust separation of children from their mothers

By Anne Neale & Nina Lopez for Legal Action for Women

Download the dossier here.



A new book from death row

Mumia Abu-Jamal



Foreword by Angela Y. Davis Introduction to UK edition by Selma James

Published July 2010 by Crossroads Books £11.99.

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For Asylum Seekers and their Supporters:
A Self-Help Guide against detention & deportation

This accessible step-by-step guide puts together information that is not usually available so that anyone determined to get protection and justice can find out how to do it.
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Free to Asylum Seekers;
£2.50 other individuals; £5.00 organisations;
£10.00 professionals/institutions
+ p+p


Death Row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal – The case for a new trial
by Robert R Bryan, lead counsel
Edited by Legal Action for Women

Mumia’s lawyer spells out what the basic issues of the case are, outlining the injustices of the trial and subsequent hearings, and the grounds for the new appeal.  Leading UK lawyers have now asked the appeal court to enable Mumia, for the first time, to put his case to a jury free of racism.

£2.50 + p+p


A “Bleak House” for Our Times:  An investigation into Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre
by Legal Action for Women

New research based on the experiences of over 130 women detained in Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre explodes the myth that the asylum system is “fast but fair” and that most asylum seekers are “bogus”, and instead demonstrates that most of those deemed “bogus” have never had a chance to present their case.

£2.50 individuals; £5.00 organisations + p+p


A Chronology of Injustice The case for Winston Silcott’s conviction to be overturned
1998, Compiled by Legal Action for Women, London, England
Winston Silcott was wrongly convicted of killing a policeman.  This riveting chronology of events explains why, after 12 years in prison, the police and media are witch-hunting him still.  more

ISBN: 0-9517775-7-21

£4.00 public
£8 professionals& institutions

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