Legal Action for Women (LAW) is a grassroots anti-sexist, anti-racist legal service for all women based at the Crossroads Women’s Centres in London, England and San Francisco, USA.

LAW-London began in 1982, in response to prostitute women’s need for legal advice and back-up. Since then, it has focused on providing free services to low-income women who are more likely to be denied justice. LAW-SF has done similar work. Most recently it co-ordinated the monitoring of a trial for rape and attempted murder which was not taken seriously because some of the victims were sex workers – LAW women attended court hearings over two years and held pickets outside the court. The man was sentenced to life.  

What we do
LAW combines access to a network of sympathetic lawyers, with experienced lay workers from similar backgrounds to the women using its services. LAW insists that no case is ‘hopeless’: something can always be done. This insistence has won LAW recognition from legal professionals, civil rights and welfare organisations, as well as  community groups.

LAW has helped prevent many injustices and set important precedents, including with the first private prosecution for rape in England, which resulted in an 11-year conviction. 

We work with the mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and other relatives and friends who are fighting for justice for their loved ones.

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  1. I’m working with Andy Bilson in England to increase parent advocacy in child welfare. I’ve worked on this issue in NYC and now in other countries. Andy and I are organizing a conference in 2019 to increase parent advocacy and participation in child welfare decision making in high, middle and low income countries.

    I live in Oakland and would be happy to meet with you to talk about how we might collaborate.

    • legalactionforwomen

      Dear David, I’m so sorry, I have only just seen your message from July which you posted on our website! But very glad to be in touch with you and look forward to meeting you in October with Andy.
      Best wishes,

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