Urgent Christmas appeal for destitute women & children

Dear friends,  

As Christmas approaches, we write to ask if you are able to make a donation to help destitute women and children in the All African Women’s Group get through the festive period, when some of the support they rely on from our Women’s Centre, isn’t available.

We know this is a time of terrible crisis when the high cost of living is making it impossible for many people to eat and keep themselves warm. There has also been a raft of cruel immigration laws which have made life even more terrifying for people seeking asylum.

However, we also see a groundswell of people like yourselves whose compassion leads them to support asylum seekers and refugees and in doing reject the heartless society which is being proposed daily.

Our work with the All African Women’s Group (AAWG) and as part of Global Women Against Deportations, has focused on exposing the particular injustices faced by mothers and rape survivors who are claiming asylum. Some coverage of it is here and here.

Asylum seekers are living on £40.85 a week for a single person and are not allowed to do waged work. Our study, Up from Destitution, found that half of AAWG membershad no income at all and that 60% are official destitute — that is living on less than £70 a week. Destitution makes it harder for women to defend themselves and loved ones from abuse and exploitation.

We’ve mentioned before that the advantage of our Christmas appeal is that all the money goes directly to women and their families. Nothing, of course, is deducted for admin. We work closely with the All African Women’s Group to distribute the money so that each woman gets a one-off payment comparable to one week’s worth of benefits. Depending on how much we raise, we sometimes have been able to cover a second week.

Last year we were able to give small amounts of one-off payments to over 55 women and 25 children.

Women are frequently overwhelmed at people’s kindness and describe what a difference it makes to be able to buy a gift for their children or practical items like shoes. Some spend the money getting healthy special food or travelling to be with friends. Women describe the relief at having a reprieve from the daily worry of survival.

Anything you can donate, no matter how small, will help and is gratefully received.

Best wishes,
Niki Adams

Legal Action for Women.

How to donate:

1.    Through Crossroads Women’s Christmas Asylum Appeal 2022. If you are a taxpayer the value of your donation is increased by 20% at no extra cost to yourself if you choose to add Gift Aid to your donation.

2.    Money transfer to Legal Action for Women, Unity Trust Bank, account number – 50728361, sort code – 086001.  If donating online or direct into our account, we would appreciate an email to let us know. 

3.    By cheque, payable to Legal Action for Women – please specify that you are donating in response to the Christmas Appeal and post the cheque to: Crossroads Women’s Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, NW5 2DX.

Thank You!

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