New & updated Self-Help Guide for Asylum Seekers and their Supporters now available free

Asylum-Guide-cover-2nd-edition-150x225Self-help is crucial to winning asylum and immigration cases especially in the face of changes in the law, increased witch-hunts against immigrant people and legal aid cuts.  This Guide is needed more than ever at a time when thousands of people face being sent back to their country of origin, many of whom have suffered rape and other torture and persecution and/or have lived in the UK for years.

A labour-saving, life-saving handbook. This self-help Guide comes out of intensive work over many years with women (and some men) seeking asylum. Legal Action for Women, the All African Women’s Group, Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape have contributed to the pool of practical knowledge which is offered here.

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“Legal Action for Women has put together their experience of day-to-day legal case work and campaigning in this exciting Guide. It is invaluable for those fighting their own case but also essential reading for lawyers, advocates and other professionals who will benefit greatly from its practical information and advice.” Ian Macdonald QC, author of the standard text on immigration law and practice.

“The Guide helps you understand your case and stand up to the Home Office and even your lawyer when needed and unless we can do that we won’t be able to win.” Woman seeking asylum.

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